Earlobe Stretching


My friend @mistyselak came by @emeraldtattoomodesto last weekend to add some high quality jewelry to her lovely little lobes and we did just that! She had them pierced many years ago and went quite some time without jewelry so naturally, she thought they’d healed closed. Much to her surprise, the piercings were still open so we just stretched out the holes and inserted some threadless @neometaljewelry! Always good times with Misty, thanks doll! I have dates reserved for my next trip to the Central Valley. Please message me if you’d like to have some rad work done by yours truly💎✨

#bodyjewelry #bodypiercing #earpiercings #girlswithpiercings #piercedwomen #misty #loveher #essentialoilfiends #legitpiercing #neometal #neocult #emeraldtattoomodesto #etc #modesto #209 #classicpiercings #adorned

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