Born and raised in northern California, Vanessa Jo grew up fascinated by the endless possibilities in body modification. She studied culture and the unique advancements of modification and jewelry within different communities. As time, education and exposure progressed, she found her passion within the art of adornment.

Vanessa Jo embarked on her professional career as a body piercing artist in 2009 after working extensively with body jewelry sales. She apprenticed and worked in various studios for many years as a shop manager and body piercer before relocating to beautiful Long Beach, CA in 2015. After 6 magnificent years at New Flower Studio, she relocated to Reno, NV to join the crew at Black Hole Body Piercing. She has been an APP business member in good standing since November 2017. (verify at Safe Piercing Website)

She specializes in safe body piercing using high quality body jewelry, practiced in the cleanest and safest environment possible. Her strong attention to detail allows her to excel with precision while adorning her clients and while caring for all those who visit the studio. Her favorite piercings include vulva, nipple, nostril, conch, daith and tragus piercings.


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